Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Tuesday 08 June 2010

Picked up Ralph (pronounced Raif) the radish. Was told to put him in the sun and not to over-water (which can be a problem due to plastic pot apparently). This has made me nervous - what is too much water? Is it better to dehydate or drown? (This could be harder then I thought).
Got home with Ralph ok but the transit wasn't casualty free - one of Ralphs branches (er stems, er leaves, er...) was broken but apart from that he was ok. First issue comes up - I appear to live in a house with no South facing aspect at all (note to self: check this in any new properties when moving house). I put Ralph in the least worst place on the back window window-sill. It should be ok here as long as I don't know him off (it would be bad for Ralph and bad for our cream carpets - no good come come of it). Lightly water him and leave for the night.

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